Freer Logic's No-Contact Neuro Monitor Headrest

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CES 2017

Come Find Us at CES!

Freer Logic's non-contact neuro bio monitor headrest will be featured in the CES booth (11539 LV Convention Center) of our partners at Changhong Research Labs. Using the headrest, you'll be able to drive our simulator by mind alone and see how distraction, cognitive load, and attention impact your driving skills. Contact us if you'd like a private discussion and demo.

Will the Internet of Things make us superhuman?

Scott Amyx of Tech Crunch discusses wearables, the "Internet of Things" and the possibility of biology evolving with technology. Freer Logic technology is mentioned as a possible way to augment our future.

"Freer Logic’s contactless EEG/ECD can read and monitor brain activities of people without having a device on them — their next generation device will be able measure brain activity remotely. That means we will be able to measure abnormal brain activity at airport security checkpoints for...

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