Freer Logic Wins Award for International Health Startup at Plug and Play Japan Winter/Spring 2021 Summit

TOKYO, March 21, 2021 -- 127 Startups and Corporate Partners Gave Their Pitches on The Hybrid Event in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. The summit was live-streamed at Tokyo (3/2-3/3), Kyoto (3/16), and Osaka (3/18), and 154 speakers went on the stage for Startup Pitches, Corporate Reverse Pitches, and Keynote Sessions.

brainAwards went to startups and corporate partners that collected the largest number of votes from the audience, celebrating their achievements and involvement to accelerate innovation and co-creation between startups and enterprises.

Freer Logic’s non-contact EEG Neurobiomonitor (NBM) created great interest among the voters at the summit. The NBM can collect neuro data without contacting a person. It is a discreet device that can be embedded in an automobile or truck headrest to monitor driver drowsiness, distraction, and cognitive load. Implanted in a mattress or pillow, it can monitor fatigue and sleep.

The brain is an organ of reduction. Everything in our world; every full moon, every sunset, every starry sky, every kiss, everything we’ve learned, – EVERYTHING – is reduced to the random firing of neurons in the brain. This is neuro data. Neuro data present one of the most significant, valuable, and highly prized data sets as these data disclose the human condition.

Acquiring valuable neuro data via invasive, obtrusive, and cumbersome headsets has prevented acceptance by both consumers and industry. Freer Logic’s non-contact [shown above] and Freer Logic’s wearable device make acquiring neuro data discreet, fun, and usable by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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