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2021 10 05 112751How Neurochips Could Link Your Brain to a Computer

Technology that allows computers to read your thoughts may be getting a boost from new research.

Scientists have developed a system that uses silicon microchips to record and transmit brain activity to a computer, according to a recent paper. Tiny chips are put on the brain’s surface or inside the tissue to harvest more neural signals than other brain implants. The invention is the latest step in the rapidly developing field of brain-machine interfaces.

"Fully-functioning interfaces for deep brain stimulation and combined stimulation and recording are currently available and are iteratively being improved with ever-increasing sophistication, complexity, and capabilities," Dr. James...

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Time Magazine - Thought Control

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Freer Logic Wins Award for International Health Startup at Plug and Play Japan Winter/Spring 2021 Summit

TOKYO, March 21, 2021 -- 127 Startups and Corporate Partners Gave Their Pitches on The Hybrid Event in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. The summit was live-streamed at Tokyo (3/2-3/3), Kyoto (3/16), and Osaka (3/18), and 154 speakers went on the stage for Startup Pitches, Corporate Reverse Pitches, and Keynote Sessions.

brainAwards went to startups and corporate partners that collected the largest number of votes from the audience, celebrating their achievements and involvement to accelerate innovation and...

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