Yes. We CAN read your mind.


15th Annual TU-Automotive Awards 2016!

Freer Logic is a finalist at the 15th Annual TU-Automotive Awards 2016 as Newcomer of the Year.

The award will be given on June 7 at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan.

The evening gathers over 250 of the most influential executives in the connected car industry all under one roof to celebrate the year’s greatest achievements.


Innovation Award!

Freer Logic has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award for Cognitive Biosensors in ADAS for Automotive Industry.
New Product Innovation Award

CES Show a success

Thanks for the overwhelming reception at the CES event in Las Vegas. You now know that BodyWave can read your mind!

Please visit the site often as we will post new updates and blogs providing current information on our latest advancements and technology.

Our booth at CES

Bodywave featured in Time Magazine

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Thanks for visiting us at CES in Las Vegas!

BodyWave featured in Time Magazine

BodyWave in TIME magazine

The technology is complicated, but the implications are

Time Magazine

 BodyWave reads your mind

Freer Logic’s latest innovation is BodyWave technology. This patented technology,  in the form of a sports armband, reads and reacts to brainwaves through the extremities of the body. There’s no need to wear a silly headband or headset!

Your inner universe

This small interactive armband allows you to monitor your brain activity in real-time.  Your brain is the most powerful and valuable asset you possess. Everything in our lives is governed by the brain. Everything. It’s our inner universe™. Yet we can’t control it when we’re under stress, distracted, or overwhelmed. BodyWave will not only help you explore this universe, but manage it for peak performance.

Explore your inner universe

Endless possibilities

BodyWave can tell you when you are best prepared to putt or drive a golf ball. It  will tell you exactly when you’ve reached a peak performance state, have become drowsy, or if you’re being inattentive or distracted. Your brain, only stronger. Your mind, only more powerful.

Brainwave to armband to computer

BodyWave reads brain activity through the human body via a uniquely innovative arm band that houses brainwave sensors that attach to the arm or wrist. BodyWave’s patented design monitors the brain’s physiologic signal through the body. Dry sensors acquire brain signal and transfer it wirelessly to a mobile device or PC.  Our technology >

Custom applications for your needs

We have applications that detect drowsiness, peak performance, attention, anxiety/stress, and meditation states. BodyWave is used with Freer Logic’s 3D computer simulations or to control external devices like a DVD player, toy, etc. If you can imagine it, Freer Logic can build it.  Application Development >

BodyWave in the media

“The technology is complicated, but the implications are staggering” — TIME magazine

“A player wearing the BodyWave would wait to see a light indicating full concentration before making a putt. Whether the resulting putt would be considered cheating or attaining perfect focus is an open question” — TIME magazine

“Game your way to razor sharp attention skills” — Popular Science

“Twelve-year-old Nikolas Hufen can control computer games with his mind” — Journal Times

“BodyWave Mind-Reading Technology Helps Users Understand Brain Activity, Concentration” — Huffington Post

“Surfing the flow of brain waves to help employees pay attention” — Globe and Mail