Freer Logic Wants Your Car to Read Your Brain (Insider Car News)

2019-04-30_151042 Freer Logic Wants Your Car to Read Your Brain (Insider Car News) - Freer Logic - Thought technology to improve life™What if your car could read your brain activity? It’s a fascinating concept that sounds like something out of a blockbuster movie, but Freer Logic is working to make it a reality.

Through the Neurobiomonitor headrest, a car could detect if a driver is drowsy, distracted, stressed out or cognitively overloaded, among other things. With that information, your car would be able to take various actions like suggesting pulling over and taking a rest, playing calming music, etc.

The sensors embedded in this headrest passively read heads when they’re 6 to 10 inches away, which should be all the time if you’re driving. That means no sensor waves emitting from the seat.

Even cooler, this tech means as a driver you can accept or reject an incoming call or have text messages read out loud without touching a single control or even looking at the infotainment screen.

This tech even has applications for autonomous drive systems. For example, when using Tesla’s Autopilot you must periodically grab the steering wheel to prove you’re still paying attention. People have found ways to game the system using all kinds of clever devices, but that puts them and everyone else on the road at risk. The Freer Logic Neurobiomonitor headrest would defeat those cheats by ensuring the driver’s brain isn’t distracted, which is a better way to boost self-driving tech’s effectiveness.