A closer look at BodyWave

Watch this video to explore BodyWave's features!

Introducing... the BodyWave wristband!

The BodyWave wristband is the latest development at Freer Logic. We’re engineering our mind reading technology to fit in a small wristband, about the size of a watch. Headsets have existed for years, yet no one wants to wear them. They’re invasive. They’re awkward, silly looking, and don’t maintain your privacy. The BodyWave wristband quells all of that. It’s discreet, yet you will be able to control apps by mind alone. Obtain your biometrics without anyone knowing. All from your wrist. Expect...

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CES a huge success!

The CES event in Las Vegas was a huge success and we’d like to thank everyone who came to our booth (at times nearly 20 people deep) and our fantastic team of Gwen, Jeff, and Theresa. One of the fantastic advancements with BodyWave is its ability to sense different wearers and immediately adapt to their brain states. People could walk up, put the BodyWave band on, and then immediately control the computer by mind alone. Many people tried our new biosensors embedded in our steering wheel that...

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