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Peter Freer, CEO of Freer Logic

Peter Freer leads a lively and informative presentation on thought technology and its implementation to increase human performance.

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We are offering a free online webinar with the CEO and founder of Freer Logic, Peter Freer, MEd.

Our free webinar is your opportunity to see BodyWave technology live on your desktop PC, and to get answers from one of the world’s leaders in human performance training.  Learn how you or your company can use the most advanced peak performance training available or take advantage of embedded thought technology in your car, computer, cell phone, or TV!

About Peter

Mr. Freer has presented at NASA and the United Nations. He is co-author of an International Atomic Energy Agency white paper on Human Performance Management. He holds 5 patents with others pending. All patents are related to human cognition and thought technology training. Freer is not only an innovator, but leader in this field.

His clients include NASA, NASCAR, the nuclear power industry, Olympic teams, US Military, universities, and aircraft manufacturers.

He developed the first educational system to increase the cognitive abilities of ADHD students. Dubbed, ‘Play Attention,’ it is the world leader in educational attention training. Play Attention is used globally by schools, homes, universities, learning centers, hospitals, doctors, psychologists, and traumatic brain injury hospitals.

Freer has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC News, in TIME magazine, Popular Science, Delta Sky magazine, Investors Business Daily, Associated Press, Woman’s World, and many other media.

Peter conducts a lively and informative presentation and encourages the online audience to interact freely during the discussion.

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