Performance Monitor


Welcome to Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor uses BodyWave technology to track and record one or
more trainee’s levels of peak performance from moment to moment.
Simultaneously, Performance Monitor video records the trainee in action.
Upon completion of the trainee’s task, the mental performance data are
combined with the video – in fact the mental data are overlaid right on the video
to provide the ultimate training/teaching feedback to the trainee.
A trainer, supervisor, or manager can now assist a trainee to find his strengths or
weaknesses. This combined feedback facilitates improved focus while
performing a specific task, can help reduce anxiety, reduce error, and teach peak
performance — even under duress. The nature of the training task itself is
limitless and can range from athletics to academics to professional endeavors to
marketing. Virtually any activity that requires peak performance to accomplish
can be improved by Performance Monitor training.
During a training session, up to three individuals can be monitored at the same
time. Each is outfitted with the BodyWave armband, which reads peak
performance relevant brainwave activity in real-time, thus allowing the individual
overseeing the session—the trainer—to see the mental performance any of his
or her trainees are at any given moment. This information is crucial to

  • Attention to task; for example, when and how a person gains or loses focus while performing whatever task they have been given. By identifying such strengths and weaknesses, we can increase an individual’s skill at performing the task and consequently maximize productivity and effectiveness.
  • Who may be a weak link in a group activity.
  • What brain state the trainee is in when making critical decisions.
  • Where errors initiate. For example, the trainer can identify if errors are committed from inattention, lack of knowledge/skills, or anxiety.