Audience Analyzer

Audience Analyzer tracks and records one or more individual’s levels of attention/interest from moment to moment, ultimately combining this data with real-time video. This combined feedback allows you to see how attentive a person or group of people is while watching a presentation. The nature of the presentation itself is limitless and can range from product lines to marketing promotions to juror selection. During an observation session, up to seven individuals can be monitored at the same time. Each is outfitted with the BodyWave armband, which reads relevant brainwave activity in real-time, thus allowing the individual overseeing the session—the facilitator—to see the interest level of any of his or her audience members at any given moment. This information is crucial to discovering:

  • Attention to task; for example, when and how a person gains or loses focus while watching the presentation.
  • Who may be interested or uninterested in the presentation.
  • What brain state an audience member is in when making critical decisions.