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If you can imagine it, Freer Logic, LLC can build it.

Freer Logic, LLC and its sister company hold 5 patents with others pending. All patents are related to human cognition and thought technology training. Freer Logic is not only an innovator, but leader in this field.

Clients include NASA who uses BodyWave to test the attention of pilots during supersonic flight simulation. You may read more about this in TIME magazine.

NASCAR uses BodyWave to learn to be in a peak performance state while spinning lug nuts and other pit crew activities. Peak performance is demanded of these highly skilled athletes.

The nuclear power industry uses BodyWave to reduce operator error.

Olympic teams like the US Women’s Bobsled team have used it to maintain a peak state by controlling a 3D bobsled run by mind alone.

The US military has used it to train new recruits to pay better attention during the repair of circuit boards in delicate technology.

Universities use BodyWave to help their ADHD students. Other universities are using BodyWave to train surgical students to pay better attention during robotic surgical procedures.

Aircraft manufacturers use BodyWave to test the attention of pilots after fatiguing long distance flights.

Back in 1994, Freer Logic’s CEO, Peter Freer, developed the first thought technology educational system to increase the cognitive abilities of ADHD students. Dubbed, ‘Play Attention,’ it is the world leader in educational attention training. Play Attention is used globally by schools, homes, universities, learning centers, hospitals, doctors, psychologists, and traumatic brain injury hospitals.

Freer has appeared on Good Morning America, NBC News, in TIME magazine, Popular Science, Delta Sky magazine, Investors Business Daily, Associated Press, Woman’s World, and many other media.

This is just the beginning!

We’re developing apps to turn your cell phone on or off by mind alone. External control of home electronics is just around the corner as well — all from your brain and off the wrist! Look to our blog section for updates and advancements. Our implementation of BodyWave in a car’s steering wheel was disclosed at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas to the cheers of major car manufacturers. It can identify driver drowsiness, inattentiveness, and stress.

We also think that 3D control on X, Y, and Z axises are just around the corner too. Think: forward, back, left, right, up, and down. Think it and it’s done.

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